JusProgDNS by JusProg e.V

JusProgDNS is a cross-device youth protection program from JusProg e.V. The non-profit association was founded in Hamburg in 2003 and counts some well-known companies from the German Internet industry among its members.

The statutory purpose of JusProg e.V. is the development and operation of youth protection programs to protect children and young people from content in telemedia (Internet) that impairs or endangers their development in accordance with § 11 of the Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMStV).

In addition to JusProgDNS, JusProg e.V. offers further free of charge usable youth protection programs for the operating systems Windows and for iOS (iPhone/iPad).

For more information on JusProg e.V., please contact https://www.jugendschutzprogramm.de/ueber-uns/

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