How to configure your own IP address at JusProgDNS

If you want to configure your own IP address at JusProgDNS to be able to make your own settings or to get a larger query quota or also because you set up JusProgDNS for a school, a kindergarten or another organization, then first a question arises:

  • Do you have a fixed or a dynamic IP address?

For private individuals with, for example, a DSL box (often: FRITZ!Box) as an access device to the Internet, providers such as Deutsche Telekom or Vodafone/Kabel Deutschland sometimes change the IP addresses; when surfing mobile networks, this happens continuously. Private individuals with standard DSL contracts usually have a dynamically assigned IP address. However, with most Internet access providers, a fixed IP can also be requested.

Schools, companies and organizations, on the other hand, usually have a fixed IP address that remains the same for years. Here the assignment of the children and teenagers surfing with JusProgDNS to the settings you made in your JusProgDNS profile is very easy.

Deposit fixed IP at JusProgDNS

To store your fixed IP address at JusProgDNS, log in at and call the menu item “Profile”. Here you find the part “IP addresses”. Enter there under “New IP address” your fixed IP address in. The entry is made with dots.

If you don’t know your own fixed IP, just go to this web page, it will show your current IP at the top:

Note: Usually the entry of an IPv4 address is sufficient, but you can also enter IPv6 or store both IP (one after the other).

Store dynamic IP

If you have a dynamic IP as a private person or also for other reason, the entry is somewhat more complex than with a fixed IP, but at least when using a DSL box (e.g. FRITZ!Box) also ultimately very simple.

You have to set up a service that regularly transmits your current IP address to JusProgDNS and updates it there – this is called “DynDNS service” (from “dynamic DNS or IP”). Most DSL boxes already have a function for this, where you only have to enter your DynDNS data from JusProgDSL. You can find out how to do this here:

Tip: You don’t have to have JusProgDNS running on the same device where the DynDNS service is running. So you can e.g. set up the DynDNS service of JusProgDNS on your DSL box (to keep your IP up to date in your profile), but the parental control with the name servers of JusProgDNS only on e.g. the computer or tablet your child or teenager is using.