JusProgDNS Youth Protection Program for Organizations

As an organization, you can use JusprogDNS to protect children and young people who surf the Internet with you.

JusProgDNS is a nameserver-based parental control program. The setup of the parental filter is possible in (almost) every network structure. You only need to replace the default nameserver in the router or network server with the nameserver of JusProg DNS and the protection is active.

Organizations must register

Without registration, the surfing quota (name server queries per day) is limited to the usual number in private households. As an organization we ask you to register at www.jusprogdns.com to get a higher surf quota and to order the premium service.

The identification of the queries runs through the IP address with which they are made. Please enter your permanent IP address in your JusProgDNS account or use our DynDNS service for dynamic IP addresses.

JusProgDNS is for non-profit organizations at cost price

As a non-profit organization you can use JusProgDNS as a youth protection program at cost price – we have to finance the considerable costs in the data center, see box below. JusProgDNS contains no advertising and stores data only to the extent necessary for its operation. Non-profit organizations include:

  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Youth centers
  • Residential groups
  • Libraries
  • Museums

We may ask you for proof. For commercial use for the purpose of child and youth protection we have to make you an offer that covers the costs.

JusProgDNS is mainly financed by the contributions of its members, among them well-known companies of the German Internet industry.

Cost sharing for non-profit organizations

As a non-profit organization, we do not want and are not allowed to make profits and do not want child and youth protection to fail because of the budget. Our services are therefore free of charge for private individuals and available at cost price for non-profit organizations.

Due to rapidly increasing usage, we are no longer able to finance the costs of the data centers alone. Therefore, we have to ask you for a contribution to the server costs, so that we can continue to offer JusProgDNS in the usual quality and performance. For orientation: We calculate internally about 5 Euro per organization/institution and month of necessary hardware costs, for medium and larger organizations and especially use of JusProgDNS also in the WLAN usable for children and young people it is somewhat more.

If you would like to use JusProg Premium, feel free to write to us via the contact form or use the order form available for download on the premium website.

JusProgDNS is recognized as a non-profit organization and can issue donation receipts and also invoices. Since JusProgDNS is the only service of its kind in Germany that has legal recognition (according to § 11 JMStV) and is also a non-profit organization, it has a unique selling point that may facilitate the formalities of a tender.

Tip: Use  JusProgDNS premium

Of course you can test JusProgDNS free of charge before ordering (max. 1 month), please use the free IP addresses.

Can’t pay for JusProg Premium?

Good child and youth protection should not fail because of money. If your organization can’t pay the cost-sharing that comes with JusProgDNS Premium, we’ll find a solution – feel free to contact us.

Chargeable for commercial use

As far as you want to use JusProgDNS in a commercial environment, you have to expect fees for the usage. Examples for chargeable usage:

  • WLAN access points
  • Internet café
  • Public Internet terminals of companies
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Software integration, Apps

Please contact us if you want to use JusProgDNS in a commercial environment.

Note: The JusProg filter list can technically be queried via an API for a fee from a suitable project size and is provided under license for the purpose of child and youth protection.

JusProg e.V. is a non-profit association, which does not want to and is not allowed to make profit, but can and wants to offer its service only for statutory purposes. In the commercial environment, fees must bear the costs of the association.

No use in corporate networks

JusProgDNS is neither suitable nor intended as a network filter in companies with predominantly adult users. The filter list is designed purely for the protection of children and minors on the Internet and is not suitable for blocking certain types (categories) of websites for employees. The use for this purpose is not allowed.

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