How to make your own settings with JusProgDNS

The child and youth protection of JusProgDNS works according to age levels already without registration and without login – just choose the IP addresses matching the desired age level for the name server of the end devices to which minors have access. (Note: If you are not a private person, you need to register).

However, you can also make your own settings with JusProgDNS – for example, additionally enable or block websites yourself (Own lists – Whitelist/Blacklist). To do this, two requirements must be met:
You have registered at JusProgDNS (free of charge, no advertising)
You have stored your IP address in your profile
Tip: To protect against abuse, the number of name server queries without registering with JusProgDNS is limited to the usual daily number in private households. If your child surfs a lot, the quota may not be sufficient. Registered private users get a larger contingent for free.

You can find out how to register your own IP address with JusProgDNS here:

Why does your own IP address have to be stored at JusProgDNS?

Your IP address is something like your personal postal code on the Internet. If you call a web page, the data of the web page (text, pictures etc.) must find the way through the Internet to you on the computer. Your “address” on the Internet for the delivery of the data is a combination of numbers, the so-called IP address. It looks like this, for example: 123.456.78.999.

JusProgDNS uses this technical basis of the data traffic in the Internet to find your child and the settings you deposited in your JusProgDNS profile together while surfing. Because if you set up JusProgDNS on a terminal device, you can’t enter a login name there and JusProgDNS wouldn’t be able to recognize that queries on our name servers come from your child.

This is where your personal IP address comes into play. While your child is surfing, this number combination is technically transmitted to our JusProgDNS servers, because after all, our data (here: name server information) has to find its way to your child’s computer.

The rest is easy to understand: If you have stored your personal home IP address in your profile, we can assign your child’s queries (i.e. the IP automatically transmitted with them) to your profile and, for example, ensure that a website you have additionally added to your blacklist is actually blocked.

Schools and organizations must deposit their IP

To protect against misuse, the usage quota of our JusProgDNS name servers without registration is limited to what is usual in private households. With the registration and assignment of your IP you automatically receive a significantly larger contingent. For schools, daycare centers and non-profit organizations this is still free of charge. (For details see terms of use).

When registering, please truthfully indicate the type of your organization and a reachable mail address. It may be that we will ask you for proof.