What is JusProgDNS?

JusProgDNS protects children and young people from content on the Internet that is not suitable for minors. The protection is carried out according to the age and development stage in the age levels from 0, from 6, from 12 or from 16 years. Parents and administrators can additionally enable or block websites.

JusProgDNS can be used in (almost) all end devices from computers to smartphones to DLS boxes and game consoles and also in networks of schools, day-care centers, libraries, residential groups etc..

Use is free of charge for private users.

How it works

JusProgDNS is based on the so-called “name server technology” and redirects website calls from websites unsuitable for minors to an info page (blocking page). The endangering content, however, is not accessible when using the JusProgDNS parental control program.

To protect minors with JusProgDNS from developmentally harmful Internet content, the data of the JusProgDNS name server is entered into the end devices or network components instead of the usual name server – this is possible in almost all Internet devices. The JusProgDNS parental control filter is very easy and quick to install. Cross-device instructions as well as step-by-step instructions for individual popular end devices are available on this website.

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