Set up JusProgDNS with Windows 10

Setting up JusProgDNS Parental Control Filter for the Internet on computers with Windows 10 operating system is very simple. To do this, follow our step-by-step instructions.

Note: If the name server IP of JusProgDNS is entered in the Windows computer with these instructions, the parental control applies to all users of the PC. If you as a parent, teacher, etc. want to surf without restrictions, you can use the same way to reset the entries for JusProgDNS back to the default setting. But then remember to activate the IP again when your child comes to the computer.

It is easier for you if you use the Windows software for JusProgDNS, in which different profiles of different age levels can be set (see box below), or you install the JusProg for Windows parental control program, which is also available free of charge from JusProg e.V. (second box).

Win-Software for JusProgDNS

JusProgDNS offers an own software for notebooks and desktop computers with Windows operating system (Windows 11 and Windows 10). The software automatically makes all settings (name server entries) necessary for JusProgDNS in the Windows operating system. User-friendly, it is possible to switch between parent and child profiles with individual age levels.


The Win software for JusProgDNS is protected against circumvention and uninstallation with the parent password. DynDNS profiles can be entered in the software so that the settings made in the login area of can be assigned.

Alternative: Software JusProg youth protection program for Windows.

Tip: JusProg e.V. offers a stand-alone software for Windows operating systems with multi-user control (individual age class per child/user), various functions and higher anti-circumvention security. The JusProg Windows software is free of charge.

Here you can download JusProg for Windows:

Step-by-step instructions for the JusProgDNS parental control program for Windows 10

You must be logged into Windows10 with an administrator user account, not just a so-called “standard user”, to install the nameserver-based parental control program JusProgDNS for Windows. If you have not configured different Windows users (then no selection of different users appears when starting the computer), then you usually have admin rights automatically.

To start the setup of JusProgDNS in the Windows 10 operating system, click in the search box at the bottom left of the monitor and type in the word “System”. As you type, selections already appear above it, you want to go to the “Control Panel”.

As soon as “Control Panel” is available for selection above the search box, click on it.

In the Control Panel, look for the “Network and Sharing Center” among the many selection items and click on it.

Select the connection you want to secure under “Connections” and click on it.

Note: If there are several types of connections installed in the Windows 10 computer, e.g. via LAN cable and via WLAN, then follow the steps below for each connection – at least please check for each connection whether the name server entries have been accepted.

After you have clicked on the connection, a smaller window opens. In this window, click on “Properties” in the lower area.

In the selection window that opens, look for the line “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”, you may have to move the scroll bar down to do this. Click on it to activate the line and then click on “Properties”.

Note: Provided that it could be that you also use IPv6 connections, then repeat the following steps again with the line “Internet protocol, version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” and enter the IPv6 numbers below (green expander element with the plus signs to open) from JusProgDNS.

The settings for DNS servers will open. Select by click “Use the following DNS server addresses” (if this selection is already selected and there are numbers in the fields below, then take a cell phone photo of it to be able to reset to it later if necessary).

Select the appropriate age level in the box below and click the plus sign.

Age category: From 0 years
(almost only fragFINN list, strongly limited surfing space)

1. IP:
2. IP:

In case you need IPv6 :
1. IPv6: 2A00:19E0:3002:24BE::21
2. IPv6: 2001:748:308::3

Age category: From 6 years
(Web pages for which the system has no information are blocked).

1. IP:
2. IP:

In case you need IPv6:
1. IPv6: 2A00:19E0:3002:24BE::23
2. IPv6: 2001:748:308::4

Age category: From 12 years
(web pages unknown to the system are displayed)

1. IP:
2. IP:

In case you need IPv6:
1. IPv6: 2A00:19E0:3002:24BE::25
2. IPv6: 2001:748:308::5

Age category: From 16 years
(web pages unknown to the system are displayed)

1. IP:
2. IP:

In case you need IPv6:
1. IPv6: 2A00:19E0:3002:24BE::27
2. IPv6: 2001:748:308::6

Enter the two IP addresses displayed in the fields, the 1st IP address at the top, the 2nd below. The dots are already there, you do not have to and must not enter them again.

Attention: Check carefully that all numbers are entered correctly. Even small errors will prevent your computer from surfing the Internet until you have corrected the entries.

Then confirm the entry by clicking on “OK” and in the subsequent windows also with “OK”.

If you also use IPv6, repeat the process with the IPv6 addresses (see above). These must also be entered exactly.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed JusProg DNS for Windows 10.

Test whether the entry of JusProgDNS in Windows 10 has worked.

Before you let a child surf on the computer with Windows 10, as an adult (without your child present) first test whether JusProgDNS has been set up correctly and the child filter works.

To test the JusProg parental control program, first call up the website of the children’s search engine to test whether the end device can still surf the Internet. fragFINN is enabled “from 0 years”. Then call up the website of a well-known porn site, for example, and check whether a blocking page is displayed instead of the erotic content (or a gray cancel page in the browser for https pages).

If the test is successful, you can let your child surf with the Windows10 end device. If the test is not successful, please check whether you have completed all entries and steps correctly and, if necessary, consult our FAQ.

Circumvention protection?

Children and teenagers who are familiar with computers could unsubscribe the IP addresses you entered from JusProgDNS and thus bypass the protection. However, minors need a Windows user account with admin rights to do so. Therefore, please set up “standard” user accounts for your children, then the children and teenagers can not change the name server entries.

Tip: If you use the software “JusProg-Jugendschutzprogramm for Windows”, which is also available free of charge from JusProg e.V., instead of JusProgDNS, then you have a very high level of circumvention protection, because the software is password-protected and cannot be uninstalled or changed in the settings without knowing the parents’ password.