Set up JusProgDNS with Windows11

Our parental control program for the Internet JusProgDNS can be installed quickly and easily on Windows 11. For this you can comfortably follow our step-by-step instructions.

Note: The filtering technique is active for every user when our JusProgDNS nameserver IP is entered in the computer. If you are a teacher or a parent and want to use the Internet without any restrictions, you can simply reset the default settings in the same way. However, it should be remembered to re-enter the JusProg IP when children surf the PC.

Besides the JusProgDNS solution, which allows you to set different age levels (see box below), our Windows parental control program, which can also be downloaded for free, also offers good protection for surfing the Internet. Here, too, it is possible to set different age levels (second box).

JusProgDNS Windows-Software

With JusPorgDNS we provide a software for laptops and computers with the Windows operating system (Windows 11 and Windows 10). With the setup of the software the settings, which are necessary for JusProgDNS, are set automatically. Through the self-selectable age levels, it is possible to quickly switch between the profiles of the children and those of the parents.


To prevent children from easily bypassing and uninstalling JusProg, you will be asked to set a parent password at the beginning. In addition, DynDNS profiles can be set so that settings made on can be mapped.

Furthermore: Software JusProg Windows- Software

We offer with the JusProg Windows software another free of charge youth protection option. With this software you have also many functions, like different user profiles or also individual Whitelist entries. Due to the parent password function, this software is also well protected against circumvention.


Step-by-Step Erklärung JusProgDNS Windows 11

To install the software, you have to be logged in as administrator on your computer, because settings have to be made in the internet connection. If there is generally only one profile/user on the computer, then this profile is usually automatically the administrator.

As a first step, please enter the word “System” in the search bar. While typing, the Control Panel icon should already appear.

Please click on “sytem control”

In the Control Panel area, now click on the green “Network and Internet” font.

Continue by clicking on the “Network and Sharing Center” icon, which is also green.

The Internet connection to which the PC is currently connected should now appear here. In the example photo “Internet 5”.

Tip: If the computer is connected with several connections, e.g. also LAN-cable connections, you can go through the following steps best for each connection or it should be checked whether the JusProg name server entries are registered.

Now click on your internet connection (blue font). A small box should appear. In this box please go to the button “Properties” at the bottom left.

A list of the elements of the connection will then appear. In this list please select and click the item “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”. You may also have to scroll down a bit for this. After clicking on it, the line might appear blue. Now click on the Properties button.

Note: If it is possible that you are also using IPv6 connections, you should also perform the following steps with the “Internet Protocol, Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” line. line. For this you enter the numbers of IPv6 of JusProg DNS below.

In the window that opens, click on “Use the following DNS server addresses” (If this option is already selected and numbers are already entered in the boxes below, it may help to take a photo/screenshot of these numbers to return to them later if necessary).

In the box below you can now choose the age level you need. To do this, simply click on the plus sign.

Age category: From 0 years
(almost only fragFINN list, strongly limited surfing space)

1. IP:
2. IP:

In case you need IPv6:
1. IPv6: 2A00:19E0:3002:24BE::21
2. IPv6: 2001:748:308::3

Age category: From 6 years
(Web pages for which the system has no information are blocked)

1. IP:
2. IP:

In case you need IPv6:
1. IPv6: 2A00:19E0:3002:24BE::23
2. IPv6: 2001:748:308::4

Age category: From 12 years
(web pages unknown to the system are displayed)

1. IP:
2. IP:

In case you need IPv6:
1. IPv6: 2A00:19E0:3002:24BE::25
2. IPv6: 2001:748:308::5

Age category: From 16 years
(web pages unknown to the system are displayed)

1. IP:
2. IP:

In case you need IPv6:
1. IPv6: 2A00:19E0:3002:24BE::27
2. IPv6: 2001:748:308::6

Please enter the two IP addresses in the first and second field of the DNS server addresses. The first one at “preferred DNS server” and the second one at “alternative DNS server”. Please note that a) the points are already entered and must not be entered and b) the entered numbers are correct. Errors would result in not being able to access the Internet later.

To complete the registration, click on “OK” in this box as well as in the following windows. This completes the setup!

As described above, you can also perform the procedure with the IPv6 connection. Here, too, the IP addresses must be entered exactly.

Does JusProgDNS in Windows 11 work for you?

To check whether our parental control is active on the computer, you should test this in advance without your child. To test whether an Internet connection can be established at all, you can, for example, call up the children’s search engine fragFinn is activated by us “from 0 years” and should therefore be accessible regardless of the age level you have selected.
As a second test, try calling up a well-known porn site. If the parental control is active, a so-called blocking page should appear during the attempt or the page will crash when loading.

If this test is successful, the PC is ready for your child. If not, check the DNS server entries again if necessary or look for help in our FAQs.

Safe from your children?

If your children are very familiar with PCs, you could possibly undo the settings you have made. However, this is only possible if the children also have administrator rights on the computer. You should therefore make sure that your child only uses a standard profile on the computer.

As a tip: Our also free JusProg software “JusProg-Jugendschutzprogramm for Windows” offers an even higher bypass protection, because there the program can only be deactivated with knowledge of a parental password assigned by you. You can use this instead of JusProgDNS.