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As a parent, you want your children to be able to seize the opportunities of the Internet and be protected from the dangers of the worldwide web in an age-appropriate manner? The parental control program JusProgDNS helps you to do this – free of charge and without advertising.

Your child is on Youtube a lot, searches Google, Bing, Ecosia or even fragFINN and Blinde Kuh quickly for answers to almost any question, uses Wikipedia for homework and social media for contact with friends? Then your child is growing up with digital media, just like almost all other children these days. The Internet has long been just as natural for young people as it is for you as parents.

Minors need protected surfing spaces appropriate to their age

But children and young people should be able to conquer and discover the Internet without fear of the next click, unpleasant content and websites that are dangerous for their development. For this, they need protected surfing spaces that grow with their age.

JusProgDNS offers protected surfing rooms for the age groups from 0, from 6, from 12 and from 16 years. As a parent, you can and may (educational privilege in the Social Code) decide which age level is appropriate for your child – regardless of how old your child actually is. If you want that almost only the websites of the children’s search engine fragFINN, which are checked by pedagogues, are allowed (small but very safe surfing space), then choose the age level “from 0”, for a significantly larger but still well protected surfing space decide on “from 6”.  From the age of 12, almost the entire Internet is available to your child, sufficient even for demanding homework. The age level “from 16” filters out only the very dangerous websites such as hardcore porn, extreme violence, glorification of right-wing extremism and anorexia, but allows social media and the one or other voyage of discovery through the net.

JusProgDNS for all end devices

Today, children and young people use many devices to access the Internet. Access to the Internet is provided by desktop computers, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs and other types of devices. JusProgDNS can be used as a parental control program in practically all end devices.

The installation is quite simple: in (almost) all devices you can set which so-called “nameserver” is used by the device for surfing the Internet (nameservers are a kind of digital address service for translating readable web page addresses into numeric routing/IPs, without which the network would not work). All you need to do is to enter the name server of JusProgDNS instead of the default name server and your child will be protected.

Note: For some types of end devices JusProg e.V. offers special parental control programs, which offer more functions in the end devices or especially in these devices a higher bypass security than JusProgDNS. In the section “Device setup” we point you to these alternatives, which are also free of charge.

Usable even for computer laymen

You don’t have to be a computer professional or a technology freak to use the JusProg DNS parental control program to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet. We have prepared a cross-device step-by-step guide for you and special device setup instructions for frequently used devices.

JusProgDNS is completely free for parents

As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends or for any other form of private use, JusProgDNS is completely free. You will not receive any advertising and you will not “pay” with your data.

JusProgDNS stores data only to the extent that it is indispensable for the operation of the youth protection program. The log of the web pages accessed by your children is immediately anonymized after checking whether the web page is age-appropriate and accumulated with the data of other users (as statistics to improve the filtering performance). We do not share any data with third parties.

JusprogDNS is financed by the members of the non-profit association JusProg e.V.. These are partly well-known companies of the German Internet economy, large media houses and providers of computer games on the net. JusProg e.V.has no profit motives and as a non-profit association is not allowed to make profits, but only to finance its statutory work.

Register with JusProgDNS for more features and higher surfing quota.

You can use JusProgDNS without any registration. Depending on which name server IP of JusProgDNS you choose for the entry in the narrow devices to be protected, the system recognizes the age level you want.

Nevertheless, we recommend you to register with JusProgDNS for free, because only then you can use the full functionality of the JusProg parental control program. You can e.g.,. in the “My Lists” websites for your children approve or block. Your decision has priority over the age classification of the system. It can also be useful and necessary to unblock the websites from your child’s personal environment (school, sports club, etc.), because understandably the JusProg filter list cannot know every regional website.

Without registration you have a daily surfing quota (name server queries), as it is usual for private use. However, if your family is on the Internet a lot, the usual quota might not be enough and a registration might be necessary to get a higher quota – of course still free of charge, it’s just about protection against abuse.

Individual filtering per child and user

JusProgDNS offers surfing spaces for different age groups. Whether you can use them individually with several children and surf without restrictions as adults depends on the end devices in which you install JusProgDNS and where you install it.

Basically, the “closer to the child” you install JusProgDNS, the more individualized the protection can be. Example: If you enter JusProgDNS in the Fritzbox or other DSL box used for the whole family, the same age level applies to all devices that are in the WLAN via the box (therefore the age level “from 16” is often useful). However, if you enter the name servers of JusProgDNS in the end device of your child, e.g. his computer, his smartphone or his game console, then the protection applies only to the device and you can choose an exactly suitable age level.

For some end devices, it is often useful to use other free parental control programs from JusProg e.V. to achieve exactly matching protection. In the JusProg software for Windows, for example, you can set up different children’s profiles with individual age levels and surf as a parent without any restrictions. The same applies to the JusProg parental control programs for smartphones and tablets.

Limits of the system

JusProgDNS provides your children with good protection against dangers from the Internet. But no parental filter is absolutely safe, does not make mistakes and cannot be bypassed – not even JusProgDNS.

Parental control programs are all about the so-called “Intelligent Risk Management”. In other words, the higher the age level, the larger the surfing space and the greater the risk that your child will encounter content that is not actually suitable for his or her age level. This is because no youth protection program can know the entire Internet, and even sophisticated filtering technologies and artificial intelligence (machine learning) cannot detect all problematic content in real time.

… but that’s ultimately a good thing. Because it makes little sense to “completely wrap minors up in absorbent cotton” as they grow up. They should learn in good time that the Internet also contains dangers and learn how to deal with them. Media education is essential here. Talk to your child about what they experience on the Internet – good and not so good.

JusProgDNS protects against dangerous content on the Internet that is publicly accessible. But it cannot protect against private chats, individual profiles or posts on social media, nor can it protect against bullying and sexualized initiations of contact online. Technology can only help a little in dealing with these dangers. The better your child knows about them, the more he or she can react to them and avoid the dangers themselves (and also not become a “perpetrator” and, for example, bully classmates or post inappropriate photos). Support your child on its way into the digital world.

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