Terms of use for JusProgDNS

By using JusProgDNS you accept the following terms of use.

1. Performance

JusProg – Körperschaft zur Förderung des Kinder- und Jugendschutzes in Telemedien e.V. (hereinafter referred to as JusProg or JusProg e.V.) provides with JusProgDNS a youth protection program based on name server control.

The use of JusProgDNS is free of charge for private persons, schools and non-profit organizations. For the use in the commercial environment or in the substantial framework a fee can result. JusProg e.V. reserves the right to change the conditions for free use and the possible fees at any time. The information about this will be announced in time on the website. Under no circumstances will fees be due retroactively in the event of changes.

Private persons may use JusProgDNS without registration up to a scope of use to be determined by JusProg e.V. (query quota of the JusProg name server). Schools, organizations, companies are obliged to register for the use of JusProgDNS on the website www.jusprogdns.com (or login.jusprogdns.com), providing accurate information about the type of organization and valid contact information (e-mail).

JusProgDNS provides a filtered name server as a core service, which reports the actual IP address of a domain (FQDN) to the requesting end device, differentiated according to age groups, or specifically an incorrect IP address or the information that no IP address exists for the requested FQDN. By using JusProgDNS, the user accepts that the name server may specifically provide false information on name server queries for the purpose of protecting children and minors on the Internet.

JusProg e.V. explicitly points out that age classifications may be incorrect and the service may be bypassed by minors. A liability is expressly not justified by error or bypass possibility. JusProg e.V. points out that possibly functions or software on the end device are impaired and updates do not take place if they are based on connection to the Internet.

JusProg e.V. does not guarantee the constant accessibility of its name servers. Users are strongly recommended to store the two IP addresses of the JusProg name servers specified for each age level in the end device. These provide the JusProgDNS service from two different data centers and thus offer a high degree of reliability, but no absolute guarantee of accessibility. JusProg e.V. reserves the right to change the server configuration temporarily or permanently at any time without prior notice, to take individual servers out of operation and to use other IP addresses or to discontinue the service.

The user is aware that software-based services are never error-free.

Users of JusProgDNS have to take care on their own responsibility that they can replace the JusProgDNS name servers in their end devices by default settings or other publicly available name servers at short notice at any time and thus avoid possible damages caused by inaccessible websites.

2. Liability

The user installs JusProgDNS on his own responsibility. JusProg e.V. is not liable within the legal limitations for any damages or disadvantages, which directly or indirectly arise in connection with the installation or use of JusProgDNS. In particular, JusProg e.V. is also not liable for damages that could be attributed to non-accessibility of websites due to JusProgDNS. Liability is in any case limited to intent or gross negligence. The exclusion of liability does not apply, as far as this is not legally permissible, in particular also in relation to liability for the injury of body, body or health and with resolution or rough negligence.

JusProg e.V. points out that the JusProg software has only been tested on standard installations and it is not in the area of responsibility of JusProg e.V. whether JusProgDNS works in combination with other software installed on the same end device or computer system, among other things also anti-virus software, and does not affect the functionality of other software.

JusProg shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user due to restricted access to the Internet. The JusProgDNS login works with passwords. The user is aware that he himself is responsible for remembering the passwords he has usually given himself and JusProg e.V. is not obliged and usually not able to recover passwords or forgotten passwords.
If a reinstallation of the computer system or the end device operating system is necessary due to forgotten passwords, this is the responsibility of the user.

JusProg is not liable if unauthorized third parties (e.g. so-called “hackers”) misuse functions of JusProgDNS or gain unauthorized access to the computer system.

JusProg is generally not liable for the reliability of the filtering and the further functionality of JusProgDNS, neither for blocking nor for allowing websites, software or functions of the computer system.
The filtering of web pages must always be assumed to have limited reliability. Particularly, but not only, in the age groups of 12 years and older, a reduced reliability of the filtering is to be expected, since, as a rule, websites unknown to the system are displayed from this age group on.

An accessibility and a response of the support of JusProg is not guaranteed in principle.

The user is aware that in a service provided free of charge must be assumed in particular reduced liability and support by the provider.

JusProg e.V., Status: August 2019