JusProgDNS Premium for schools and organizations – performance with cost sharing

Child and youth protection should not fail due to budget and also not due to formal applications – that’s why we offer JusProgDNS for schools and non-profit organizations at cost price. As a non-profit organization, we are not allowed to and do not want to make profits anyway.

We have to finance not only the costs for software development, maintenance of the filter lists, ongoing maintenance and support, but above all very substantial server costs. Especially JusProgDNS requires a constantly growing server cluster in two data centers, which are compliant with DSGVO / GDPR and CLOUD Act in Germany and operated by local companies.

So that you as a school or organization can use JusProgDNS at cost price, we have set up an extra service: JusProgDNS Premium – as a thank you with more performance.

As a premium school or organization you can use JusProgDNS with special name server IPs (DoT/DoH with extra domains), where we pay attention to even better server equipment and thus more reliable performance and that you always have a sufficient contingent.

Of course you can test JusProgDNS free of charge beforehand and make sure that the setup works in your IT infrastructure. Please use the publicly available nameserver IP addresses and DoT/DoH subdomains for this purpose.

How to use JusProgDNS Premium

If you are interested in JusProgDNS Premium, please contact us via the contact form. or send us the completed order form (download below) right away.

We can issue invoices for the Premium service and also donation receipts if this is easier for you. Donors receive premium information from us as a thank you on request – of course only within the scope of our non-profit status and if the donations are used in accordance with our statutes and are not profit-oriented.

By the way, JusProgDNS is the only service of this kind available in Germany with a legal recognition (according to § 11 JMStV) and is also operated by a non-profit association – in this respect we have a unique selling point. This could simplify your formalities such as tenders.

What does JusProgDNS Premium cost?

JusProgDNS Premium is used to finance the hardware costs. We calculate these based on our experience as follows:

  • Smaller school / institution (up to 500,000 name server queries per month): 5 Euro nt. / month
  • Medium school / institution (500,000 – 1 million name server queries per month): 10 Euro nt. / month
  • Larger school / institution (1 – 3 million name server queries per month): 20 Euro nt. / month
  • Large school / institution (3 – 6 million name server queries per month, WLAN protection for children’s / young people’s own devices): 35 Euro nt. / month
  • More than 6 million name server queries per month or school boards/authorities with multiple schools/institutions: on request

We define a school/facility by its own address (street/house number). However, in school centers with multiple schools under one address, each school is considered a separate facility.

We would like to ask you for fair grouping, even if you e.g. use JusProgDNS in homeschooling devices, run MDMs or use JusProgDNS in other ways.

The above prices are for schools and non-profit institutions only. For commercial use we have to make you a cost-covering offer in view of our non-profit status, feel free to contact us. According to our statutes, JusProgDNS can only be used for the protection of children and young people, not for the protection of corporate networks.

Note: In order to keep our accounting costs within reasonable limits, invoices are subject to a minimum amount of 50 Euros. Individual schools will therefore receive annual invoices to be paid at the beginning of the billing period. We are happy to invoice school boards etc. by arrangement. Also as a non-profit association we have to charge the amounts plus VAT. Contract period: 12 months with automatic renewal if not cancelled two months before (this corresponds to the contract periods we have for servers in the data center).

Order JusProgDNS Premium?

Order form for download.
Payment is made by invoice.

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

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